Why we do what we do

Canuck Co

Hi, my name is Devon, I have been designing websites for more than 15 years. Even with all the newest tools available, I realize not everyone has the ability or budget to create their own e-commerce website to sell their crafts and products.

As I have seen the web industry grow and evolve I have noticed one main theme of all the large e-commerce solutions like Amazon, Shopify and Etsy .... "How much can I make from each vendor?". This is the mentality from massive corporations that make BILLIONS per year, yet raise prices or deflect all costs to the vendors... yes those same vendors that make them all the $$!

After realizing selling on Esty and Amazon is becoming increasingly costly (15%-20% of your overall sales!!) I decided it was time to create something that favoured verified vendors.

In comes CanuckCo.ca ; a platform I wanted to keep proudly Canadian, at one of the most important times for us to look internally and support each other to rebuild our economy broken by Covid. Also I wanted to simplify the process of the marketplace business model. We only take a flat 4% of the sale when you make a sale! That's it, nothing more, no flat rate per purchase or fees just to list your item for sale..... no B.S.!

I want CanuckCo.ca to be seller focused and yet customer safe with an easy to use interface showing you where your sellers are located.



I hope you enjoy using the CanuckCo.ca platform as much as I did creating it.

- Devon Crowell

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