WE DETected your locations to be o

If you areĀ  Canadian

Please turn off any IP location or VPN that may be directing your ip address to an area outside Canada. We only allow vendors from within Canada.


Why Join CanuckCo?

Of all the marketplaces in all the world... why this one?
We think the reason is clear and the time is now... if we do not start supporting Canadian businesses NOW we will risk losing many of them in the coming months and years.

It's as simple as buying that item locally or at the very least from a Canadian seller. We have all been guilty of not filtering down to Canadian sellers on platforms like Ebay. Why? It is designed that way. At you will find ONLY verified sellers located in Canada, so you can shop freely without getting lost in USA or China stocked items.

With GEO Location tools you can also see local listings on the map near you, so you can even get more focused on supporting your own community and neighbours!


Low 3% fee

We have the lowest transaction fee of any marketplace and NO per listing or shop fees!

Support Local

With our Geo location marketplace, customers get to see the area of vendors.

Canada Only

Be assured your shop is reaching other Canadians. Help boost our own economy!

Insta Pay

With our Stripe integration you get paid instantly per sale... no more waiting!